rzb geschäftsbericht 2010

der erfolg: mit dem geschäftsbericht für eine der größten ausländischen banken in zentral- und osteuropa sorgen gantnerundenzi in der bankenwelt jahr für jahr für aufsehen. die kontakterlose investor-relations-kompetenz wird durch das e-mail eines londoner bankers eindrucksvoll dokumentiert: „dear mr. ecker-nakamura, i have just received your ,2008 in black and white‘ annual report. it is very clear and precise, which makes finding pertinent data easy to find. i really like the lack of colour printing. the retro style wire binding greatly helps make this report lie easily on one’s desk for reading. working as a credit officer for more than 20 years i read/review 100+ annual reports a year. without doubt your 2008 report is the best i have read from a financial institution. i must congratulate your company on an excellent publication and reporting a ,bottom line‘ in the black. with kind regards, jonathan metcalfe, credit risk management, london.“